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Thanks for keeping our pet pug Snoopy very well during his last stay in kennelone in 2015. We would be leaving him once again in your kennel from 24th November to 28th November 2016 and hope he will get very good attention from your end and will stay healthy and cheerful.

With best regards
Purnima Lahiri

We always felt that one of the thing which was missing in our children's life ( I don't like to use the word dog as in the Indian content , it is still a derogatory word) was a free space for them to play which is their fundamental right.Hence 3 yrs back when we left them back in Kennel 1 and moved to UK, this thought was the only one which could to some extent lessen the pain of their separation.However the worries were too many: Will they get proper care, healthy and hygenic living condition,good food and adequate medical care?Also will Kennel 1 be able to make the " sea change" in their behaviour which our "spoilt" ones badly needed.We travel to India twice a year and on occasions my parents visit them. Not only our children are enjoying the freedom of playing in a lush green and serene playground but they are happy in the true sense of the term, despite separation with us.They look healthy and medical conditions( skin rash) that one of them has been suffering from( when we left them back 3 yrs back) has also drastically improved.However, this perhaps any other professionally managed Kennel could also have given us .The thing which , in our opinion no other Kennel could have given us, is the faith that we have developed on Kennel 1. This faith and the associated bond is something which does 'nt always develop , it requires that " extra step" beyond just professioanl management.We not only have faith on the Kennel1 management but also on each member of the Kennel 1 family.Our children are truly in their second home and we all know the difference betwen home and house. Also, our chidren are "socialising" something which we always thought to be impossible. This is another achievement of Kennel1.

Anindya Bhattacharya

As u know well, I was heartbroken about having to leave my dogs & come to singapore. I had even talked my mother into keeping them,but since she fell ill at the last moment,perforce,I had to look for alternatives . . . I chanced upon Kennel 1 from a write up in the TOI & decided ,albeit reluctanly,to keep the dogs there. But, I felt I would be doing them a terrible injustice to keep them in a place where they would be shorn of love .

When I saw them later I realised,that if I were to come back to delhi & bring them back to my house to stay with me,I would be doing them a greater injustice! The Kennel offers them a huge amount of space to run around,which as animals they require & desire; the handlers seem to be friendly with the dogs,& both yourself & mr. ghosh have managed to make the kennel work very efficiently & professionally.

I am very grateful that u have attended to my queries regarding what is good for the dogs' very patiently and have tried to assuage my misgivings.Whenever u have felt the need,u have sent the dogs for treatment/checkup & informed about it; also noteworthy in this regard is your method of scanning all medical reports/bills & sending them for my perusal; i have never felt cheated,u & mr ghosh have been meticulously in your accounting.

I have had an enjoyable association with kennel 1,& even if I were to return to delhi in the coming year,I would certainly keep the dogs there for the greater part of the month,so that they remain active,healthy,happy to mix with their own kind.

Ms. Roy